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Raleigh heat pump systems

A Heat Pump Repair Service You Can Trust

A heat pump’s job is to keep your home comfortable and warm in the winter and keep it flowing with cool air in the summer. Because of this dual functionality of a heat pump working as both a heating and cooling system, it is one of the pieces of equipment in your home that works year-round.

If your heat pump is not working properly, it is important that you get it repaired or replaced quickly. Otherwise, the temperature in your home is going to be unlivable, no matter what time of year it is.

The expert heat pump service contractors at Bowman Mechanical Services care about keeping your family comfortable by solving your heat pump problems.

Our Heat Pump Services

Servicing the Garner, Raleigh, and surrounding areas for over 30 years, every Bowman Mechanical’s licensed HVAC technician is fully equipped to repair your North Carolina home’s heat pump system.

Schedule a consultation and free estimate to troubleshoot your HVAC system, so we can determine if your home needs a new heat pump or a heat pump repair or maintenance service.

Heat Pump Repair

From strange noises to complete malfunctions with components of the heat pump, our professional team of heat pump repair techs is here for all your repair needs. We will determine the cause of your furnace and heat pump repair, offer an effective solution, and provide a reliable, long-lasting heating system repair that will keep you warm all winter long.

Heat Pump Replacement

Whether you’re ready to say goodbye to an old, traditional furnace or replace an existing heat pump, our heat pump services offer both new installation and existing equipment replacement for your heating and cooling system. When choosing a new heat pump for your home, we will discuss your overall needs and goals.

For instance, we will consider the following types of questions:

  • Are you looking to lower your utility bills?
  • Do you want your heating and cooling to be in one system design?
  • Do you prioritize having an energy-efficient heat pump?
  • Is your number one goal to focus on affordability?

Our heat pump repair company will always provide the most comprehensive customer experience, finding the most economical approach to repair or replace your heat pump.

Heat Pump Maintenance

To keep your heating unit working smoothly while also maximizing its efficiency and prolonging its lifespan, we offer bi-annual heat pump maintenance services.

Our multi-part service includes both an inspection and an equipment clean-up. This helps us spot underlying issues with your furnace, heat pump, thermostat, and any of their moving parts that are in danger of future repairs. Our goal is to maintain your heat pump system, allowing us to diagnose problems become they become costly or before your system needs a complete heat pump replacement.

Benefits of Our Heat Pump Installation Service

The traditional furnaces in most Raleigh, NC homes eventually need to be replaced once they become old, outdated, and at the end of their life cycles. While you can spend money to have us perform service repairs, sometimes it is more beneficial to replace that old unit with a new one.

By extracting warmth from exterior air and cycling it into and through your home, heat pumps provide many benefits to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient, especially compared to gas furnaces that operate on fossil fuels. A heat pump pulls in hot air from outside and brings it inside, circulating it through your home rather than relying on a combustive reaction. This can cut energy bills by a sizable amount in the winter, while also conserving energy in the summer.

Humidity Control

A home that is too hot, humid, or dry is not only uncomfortable, it can actually be damaging to your home and members of your household. Too much moisture build-up can cause mold, mildew, and wood rot, whereas too little moisture can dry and crack the wood and other natural materials.

Electric heat pumps offer humidity control features. This dehumidifies the air in the summer, and its heating method doesn’t take moisture out of the air as a furnace would in the winter.

Improved Safety

While generally safe, gas furnaces do come with the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks and in more extreme cases the risk of explosions and other safety concerns. An electric heat pump does not have any of those safety concerns, meaning on top of the other benefits your home no longer is at risk of the type of threats caused by gas furnaces.

Dual Functionality

Instead of relying on both a furnace and an air conditioner, a heat pump offers both heating and cooling in one complete unit. This means you only need to get one piece of equipment serviced, repaired, or replaced over time, rather than two. This can make maintenance and repairs lower overall service costs, saving you money in the long run.

More Consistent Home Comfort

Furnaces often cause hot and cold spots in the house, but with a heat pump installation, your house will be more consistently warmed throughout. Additionally, air conditioner systems do not always keep a steady cooling effect throughout the home, but with a heat pump all-in-one system, your house will feel a consistently cooled temperature in the summer months.

Environmental benefits

Heat pumps do not use composition or burnt fuels to operate, instead, they rely on electricity to run. This means that just by replacing an existing furnace with a heat pump you are choosing a more sustainable, environmental-friendly solution for your NC home.

We value your right to make the informed choices possible when upgrading features of your home, so our service providers can help you determine the best heat pump system for your environmental goals.

24/7 Emergency Heat Pump Repair When You Need It Most

Do not hesitate to call us any time of day or night if you have a heat pump emergency. Our knowledgeable staff and skilled technicians are here for you and your home 24/7 for emergency heat pump repairs.

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