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Furnace Installation & Replacement in Raleigh, NC

When you need furnace repair or furnace replacement in Raleigh and surrounding areas, you can count on Bowman Mechanical Services to get the job done. We have a team of experienced professionals who are ready to assess your problem and determine if repair or replacement is the best option.

Our team can take care of your furnace installation or replacement when you need it. We’ll make sure your furnace is installed correctly to keep your North Carolina home warm all winter. When you’re not happy with your furnace’s performance throughout your home, it’s time to call Bowman Mechanical Services.

How Long Does A Furnace Last?

Most furnaces have a lifespan of 20-30 years. But some furnaces have to be replaced well before that. After about 15 years, you may need to consider a furnace replacement if your unit needs frequent maintenance or has been experiencing significant problems.

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Your Heating System Should Work When You Need It Most

At Bowman Mechanical Services we understand that your heating system should work when you need it most. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency heating repair services. We are here for you when it comes to repairing your furnace or suggesting that it’s time to think about a replacement.

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and it shows. Homeowners in Raliegh and surrounding areas know they can trust us when it comes to furnace repair and furnace replacement.

Furnace Repairs and Replacement

Signs You Likely Need Furnace Repair

Your furnace will give you several hints that it either needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are some things to look out for:

Abnormal Furnace Smells

While some furnaces can smell when they’re first turned on for the season, the smell usually goes away as the unit runs. But, if you notice a strong smell of fuel around the unit that doesn’t go away, you may have a problem with your furnace. This type of smell may be due to a gas leak, excessive dust in the unit, or several other problems.

If you have trouble turning the unit on and keeping it running, you likely need to have your furnace inspected and possibly repaired. Problems like these can be due to disconnected wiring or damaged thermostats.

When your house is not warm enough despite the furnace being set to a reasonable level, it’s time to schedule repairs. This means the unit is not doing its job for some reason. Leaking ductwork or a faulty thermostat may be to blame.

If your system is not running properly, it can be sending dirt and bacteria throughout your home, resulting in poor air quality. If you notice people in your home have frequent coughs or other respiratory problems, you may want to have your furnace examined. Furnace problems can also cause issues for people with allergies as the foreign particles can lead to watery eyes, headache, or other symptoms.

Sometimes fixing these problems can be as easy as replacing the filter. Other times, more work is involved. Your ductwork and unit may need to be cleaned or there could be other issues going on. Calling an experienced HVAC technician can help to get to the bottom of the problem and improve the air quality in your home.

Loud and persistent noises can be a sign of a serious furnace problem. Squealing and whistling noises may come from belt or fan issues. If you hear banging it may be due to broken or loose internal parts. Any of these types of equipment noises need to be looked at by a professional so that your furnace system can work efficiently.

Your furnace has a carbon monoxide detector that is designed to alert you when toxic gases are present. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, turn the furnace off right away and open the windows to ventilate your home.

You’ll want to call your gas company and an HVAC contractor to determine the source. Make an appointment as soon as possible because you could be in putting yourself and your family in a dangerous situation.

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When It’s Time To Start Considering A Furnace Replacement

Sometimes, a furnace replacement is necessary. A repair may be too costly, or your unit may be too old to fix.

Here are some signs that it’s time to consider a furnace replacement:

  • Your heating bills have skyrocketed for no apparent reason.
  • Your furnace is no longer heating your home.
  • You have had numerous repairs within the past couple of years.
  • You have constant noises coming from your furnace.

If you begin to notice any of these problems, call Bowman Mechanical Services. We’ll send out a technician to look at your furnace and determine whether you need a furnace replacement or if a repair will do.

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Furnace Repair vs. Furnace Replacement

Many people struggle with knowing whether it’s more cost-effective to replace their furnace or repair it. One way of determining that is to consider the “5,000 rule”.

Take the age of your furnace and multiply that number by the cost of the estimated repair. If that number is greater than 5,000, it’s probably better to replace the unit. When you factor in more repairs that will likely be needed and the cost of heating bills, it’s more cost-effective to replace the unit.

Call Bowman Mechanical for Furnace Installation or Replacement in Raleigh

When you need furnace installation or replacement in Raleigh, you can count on Bowman Mechanical Services. Our heating experts will make sure your heating system is working as it should or recommend a replacement when needed.

You’ll find that we are transparent when it comes to our repair costs and furnace replacement costs. This is one of the reasons why people have grown to trust us and our services over the past 30 years.

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