5 HVAC Maintenance Tips

As summer approaches and the temperature rises, you want to make sure your HVAC system is in perfect condition to ensure a cool and comfortable season. 

Continuous use of an air conditioner may put it under a lot of strain, and it can eventually fail. To avoid this, it is best to do routine HVAC maintenance and detect a problem before it occurs.

We’re sharing some easy HVAC maintenance tips to keep your air conditioner running smoothly:

Check Air Filters

A filthy air filter is one of the most obvious causes of air conditioner repair. Changing the filter is one of the most simple ways to increase the performance of the air conditioner, reduce the energy expenses of heating the home, and lower the risk of having repairs.

Check your filter once a month to make sure it’s not dusty or blocked. If it is, it is a good idea to give it a good wash and to blow it dry. When it comes to replacing the filter, once every three months should be enough. If it appears to be dirtier than usual, change it right away, especially if your family has dogs.

Your air filter should be updated every 1-3 months, depending on how frequently your cooling system is utilized.

Condenser or Heat Pump Cleaning

Outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps can get very dusty, requiring the system to work harder to provide the required cold and warm air in your home.

Cleaning condensers and heat pumps reduce the possibility of internal component damage. Make sure that the tops and sides of your outdoor air-conditioning pumps and units are clear of debris.

Use your garden hose to clean out the fins, being careful to get in between the crevices.

Make Sure The Drain Lines Are Clean

Along with chilling, an air conditioner removes moisture from the air. This moisture then gathers in the air conditioner’s drain pipes and is sent outdoors. With the accumulation of debris and dust, drain lines can get blocked and even provide a breeding ground for algae and mold.

It is so advisable to clean the drain pipe regularly. Remove the outer cover of the air conditioner and wipe the drain line with a clean cloth. You may also rinse it with a solution of water and vinegar to remove any mold that has developed.

Check Outdoor AC Unit

The exterior unit is constantly exposed to the elements, including weather and dirt, and debris. Especially after a harsh winter, your outdoor AC unit will likely need cleaning. Branches and leaves can occasionally creep inside the outside unit and disrupt the fan’s operation.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the area around the outside unit and trim any plants or leaves that require it. This is an easy job that you can do yourself, saving you money.

Inspect The Wiring

It is critical to inspect the wiring of your HVAC system regularly to ensure that it continues to function effectively and safely.

Close the access panel and turn off the system. If you detect any wires that seem scorched or blackened, contact a professional to have them replaced.

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