HVAC Inspections For New Installations and Why They’re Important

If you’ve recently invested in a new HVAC system, you want to make sure it was installed correctly and is working at its peak performance. Having an HVAC inspection is one way to be sure that your licensed contractor did the job right and that your heating and cooling system is working as it should.

HVAC inspections should not be overlooked. Doing so can lead to a costly HVAC repair, not to mention safety issues in your home.

Let’s take a look at why a new HVAC system needs an inspection as well as what you can expect when an inspector visits your home. We’ll also let you know how Bowman Mechanical Services can take care of all your heating and cooling equipment needs.

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Permits and Inspections For HVAC Equipment

If you’re having a new HVAC system installed, you need to be aware of the permit and inspection processes.

What is a Permit?

Your local government will issue a building permit to a contractor or homeowner to give them permission to make changes to their property. Permits are required by law. Before work can begin, contractors need to pull permits for the work that needs to be done. Any licensed HVAC contractor should know that you need a permit to install or remove a furnace or air conditioner.

What is an Inspection?

An inspection will ensure that the job was done right. A city building inspector will visit your property to see if the HVAC installation follows local and state building codes as well as manufacturer specifications.

The permit fees cover the HVAC inspection cost, so you don’t have to pay extra for an HVAC inspection. When inspections reveal that heating and cooling systems were installed improperly, your contractor may have to pay if additional inspections are needed.

Why A New HVAC System Needs an Inspection

Many factors go into installing HVAC equipment in homes which is why inspections are important and should not be overlooked.

Inspections protect you as a homeowner because they ensure that the equipment is safe to be used. As the inspector looks to see that the job follows local and state building codes, they will also check to see that the installation follows the manufacturer’s guidelines. These are all things that should be important to you as a homeowner.

HVAC Permitting And Inspection Process In Raleigh, NC

Once the HVAC installation is complete, the town of Raleigh requires an HVAC inspection to be completed within 10 days after the last day the job was done. An appointment will be made that is convenient for all parties involved.

Raleigh HVAC Installation Inspection

What To Expect During an HVAC Inspection?

Important System Safety Checks

During an HVAC inspection, the inspector will look to see that all parts of your HVAC system are working and don’t present a safety hazard. Your HVAC system incorporates many moving parts and electrical components and electrical systems, so you want to be sure that everything works.

The inspector will also look to make sure any built-in safety measures are also working properly. All vents and flues will also be looked at to make sure they are clean and in working order.

The main idea behind an HVAC inspection is to make sure that the system was installed correctly and that there are no safety hazards.

Consequences of Skipping Permits and Inspections

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of the consequences of skipping HVAC permits and inspections. Not only can it lead to costly fines, but it could also mean that your system isn’t up to code and isn’t functioning as safely and efficiently as it should be.

Safety Risk

A home inspection of your new HVAC system is to ensure that the equipment is safe for you and your family. The inspector will look to see that the inspection aligns with local and state building codes and the manufacturer’s specifications.

Not pulling a permit and not having a project inspected by a certified HVAC inspector can pose a safety risk and lead to injury. HVAC equipment can be dangerous if installed incorrectly. Furnaces and gas lines can explode, and your system can leak carbon monoxide and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


Quality can suffer when you don’t have a permit and an inspection. With a home HVAC inspection, you want to know if the equipment was installed correctly. While an air conditioning system should last between 15-20 years, you could have many problems if it was installed incorrectly. You may face many costly repairs.

You always want to be sure that a permit was pulled and that an inspection is done. Some HVAC contractors don’t pull permits because they’re looking to save time and money, while others are concerned that their work won’t pass inspection.

Legal Consequences

Doing work without the proper permits and inspections can result in penalties and even fines. If your municipality discovers that work was done without following the proper guidelines, you may face penalties.

You may also face problems if you go to sell your home down the road. They may notice a lack of permits and paperwork. These can lead to legal repercussions that you won’t want to deal with. Any licensed contractors that work on HVAC systems should know that the installation of a new HVAC system is classified as a permitted job.

In Conclusion

Overlooking HVAC inspections can create stressful and even dangerous consequences down the road. By understanding what inspections are, why they’re important, and how to prepare for them, you can take proactive steps to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

At Bowman Mechanical, we believe in the importance of getting everything done right the first time – that’s why we handle permits and inspections for every HVAC job we do. We want our customers to have peace of mind knowing their investment is protected. To learn more about our process or get a quote for your next project, contact us today.

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