Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?


If you go to turn on your air conditioner and your ears are immediately assaulted by rattles, buzzing sounds, or a screeching or squeaking sound, it makes it hard to enjoy a cool, comfortable home. While some noises are nothing to worry about and can be easily fixed, others are a sign that there’s something seriously wrong. To determine if it’s something you can troubleshoot on your own or you need to schedule air conditioner repair in Garner, we’re breaking down the common noises air conditioners make and what they could mean.

Your Air Conditioner Is Buzzing

A buzzing sound is one of the more common sounds you’ll hear from your HVAC unit, mainly because it could mean so many different things. If you hear a loud hum or buzz, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Look for debris such as leaves or sticks in the outdoor unit.
  • See if the outdoor unit is uneven on the ground.
  • Change the air filter
  • Check the copper lines that run from the outside unit to indoors and see if they are rubbing on something.
  • If your AC isn’t blowing cool air and it’s buzzing, it may be frozen up. Turn your unit off for a bit as your air conditioner may be frozen up. If this continues to happen, you may have a leak in refrigerant, and you should call a repair tech.

Other issues that may require calling for air conditioner repair service are:

  • The outdoor fan motor or the blades may be loose or off balance.
  • The blower may be about to fail.
  • An interior part may have come loose.
  • The compressor is malfunctioning.

A buzzing sound is one of the trickiest issues to diagnose yourself because it could be something minor, like changing the air filter, or it could be a sign of a major issue.

Humming Sounds

A low hum is a bit different than the loud buzz caused by the issues listed above. Low humming sounds are often a sign of electrical wiring or voltage concerns and should be addressed right away.

Banging Sounds from the Outdoor Unit

If there’s a loud clank or banging sound, that’s most likely your AC compressor – the part of your unit that circulates the coolant to cool the air. Wear and tear can cause parts like a connecting rod or crankshaft, to come loose rattle or bang against the inside of the metal shell. If this happens, you’ll probably need to have your compressor replaced because an AC repair technician can’t access the inside of it without damaging the outer casing.

Otherwise, the other cause of the banging or clanking sound is that the blower or outdoor fan is off balance and the fan blades are banging into other parts. Again, this needs to be addressed immediately or further damage can happen.

High-Pitched Squeaks and Squeals From Your Air Conditioner

If you hear a loud squealing or squeaking sound, first determine where the noise is coming from. If it’s coming from outdoor, it’s generally either the motor in the compressor or a malfunctioning fan motor. If the noise is from the inside unit, the blower fan that pulls in warm air and pushes out cooled air may be failing.

For older units that have fan belts, the squeaking or squealing sound may be caused by the belt wearing out. Not matter what the issue is, an experienced AC repair company will need to be called to your home to fix the problem.

Your AC is Whistling or Screaming

A loud, high-pitched whistling or even a screaming sound needs to be addressed immediately. First, shut off the air conditioner immediately, then call for emergency HVAC repairs. The most likely causes for such a sound are a refrigerant leak or high pressure within the compressor. Both of these are dangerous and need addressing.

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