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Bowman Mechanical just yesterday installed two new air conditioners for me and I want you to know that the men doing the job were excellent in every way. Your team was courteous knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with, it is such a pleasure to find great customer service, I just had to compliment your men and company, thanks for a great job.
Miguel Castillo
They did such a great job with the installation! Workers were very nice and everything is working perfectly.
Adam was very professional during his visit today. He explained the process and carried it out in a timely manner. High marks to Adam!
Adam was one of the most competent contractors I have had perform service in our home. I appreciated his respect for our home and his dedication to repair our A/C.
I did go out and look at the system they recently put in for me. It looks great… very clean, nicely integrated, quiet system – I can’t say enough good things about working with you.
Three phase installation. Phase one was well drillers. Glenn and his crew were great, and were very willing to talk to you about how his stuff works. Second phase was the installation of the geothermal units. Mike and his helper were awesome. They were very nice guys and very willing to discuss how the unit works. Both were very fun to be around and my kids even had fun with them. They left the house and work zone in better shape than when they arrived. Third phase was the inspection of the unit install by Andy, again very nice guy and willing to discuss Geothermal with you. Overall experience was great, right from the start with Steve, the owner, to the final install and inspection. The system is working great and lower heating bills will make it worth the money, especially switching from propane. I would recommend this company to a friend.
I was recently in a difficult situation with a broken HVAC on a rental property. I don’t live in town with the house, and my tenants were grumpy. Other companies gave me quotes that I could never have afforded (and tried to sell me expensive units I didn’t need), but Steve Bowman worked with me. He definitely gave me the lowest price for the project (I’m still not sure he could afford to charge me so little) but he was also very nice and his team was super efficient. I knew there were many other houses needing air conditioner repairs (it was the beginning of summer) but he worked my job into the schedule and made it all look easy. If I ever need more repairs on my HVAC he is the only person I’m going to call. I highly suggest this company based on my experiences with them.
Dear Steve & Robert – I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help in solving the installation problems with my new HVAC system that had been installed by another company. I am happy to recommend your company to anyone and everyone! Robert, your personal involvement is especially appreciated. Thank you so very much for helping me cope with a difficult situation.
The tech sent by Bowman was very professional. He arrived on schedule, did well helping me understand the situation, and did the work very quickly. He did great work.
Bowman did a great job with the installation! The workers were nice and everything works perfectly.
The techs here were great and I am very happy to have my a/c running again before summer. They were courteous and worked quickly. I would use them again in the future.
Casey Sears
The guys here were fast and courteous and arrived on-time. I was pleased with the service because they were quick and had the unit fixed in no time. I was very happy to have things working again!
Rick Nash
They did a great professional job in a timely manner and were courteous to boot! That for me is every reason to use them again. Thanks so much!
Tracy Miller
Because of the work done by Bowman Mechanical, my house is now very comfortable when it comes to the temperature. I had a problem with a very cold lower level, and warm upper level, new everything is wonderful and I am very satisfied.
Our building has been cared for by Bowman Mechanical for as long as I can remember. They do a great job and are always professional and friendly when I run into them.
Scott Herther
Very professional. They explained everything necessary and the work was done expertly and quickly. Very pleased with them.
Christopher Turley
Bowman Mechanical has always exceeded my expectations. They have installed systems for me, as well as services my systems. Their staff always amaze me with their professionalism, and response time to my issues. I have see a lot of HVAC companies over the years and never had been exposed to one with such high integrity like Bowman. I highly recommend them and encourage anyone with problems to discuss them with Bowman. They bring a level headed approach to solving issues, regardless of who’s fault, and above all they are always respectful.
Jason Haase
Our house had an old A/C unit when we bought it so we called Bowman Mechanical to get a quote for a replacement. That sounded fair so we had them come out and do the job. They did excellent work and we are happy to recommend them to anyone.
Keith Lafferty
They did a thorough job and the A/C has been running perfect. I was able to schedule service for the next day so we did not have too go too long without.
Harmon Lands
Bowman did a very good job, installed very neatly, clean and quiet. Have nothing but good things to say about these guys.
Henry Hill

Services We Provide


We repair almost all makes and models of residential heating and cooling systems. Our technicians are NATE certified and participate in weekly training to maintain proficiency and learn about all new products available. Our rates are very competitive and we stand behind our repairs with 30day warranty. We have an excellent record of repairing systems correct the first time. Give us a call today for your repair needs.

Maintenance/Tune ups

Just like taking your car in for an oil change, tire rotation and annual inspection, your heating and cooling system needs annual maintenance to keep in running at its peek efficiency. During a typical maintenance, we clean components, tighten electrical connections, check for wearing parts, make adjustments to alleviate breakdowns. Once complete, we give an overall assessment on your system to let you know the health of your system. We offer one time tune ups, annual maintenance plans with two visits for air conditioner and gas furnace or option of once/year for heat pumps.

System Replacements

Heating and cooling systems typically have a finite useful lifespan and then it makes economic sense to replace instead of continued repairs. A new system most always offers better efficiency, reliability, comfort and warranties. There are many options when replacing a system, just like buying a car. Many features can improve your home’s comfort and utility bills. Look under heating/cooling and air conditioning to see the different types of systems and equipment tab to see what actual system is right for your home.

New Construction

When you are building a new home there are many choices, from what style of home to kitchen layout, flooring etc, etc. The one mostly overlooked and really the most important is the mechanical system that provides clean, healthy, conditioned air to your home. This system is part of the structure and it is so import that it is a quality job the first time. A large percentage of our business is devoted to new construction. We take great care in designing home comfort systems that provide the best comfort for you and your family. Visit us in person or send us a blue print of your home and let us create and install your mechanical system for your new home.


So many beautiful homes have areas in them that are uncomfortable to use during the heat of the summer or dead of winter, does this sound like your house? Varying seasons, thermal loads during the day or internal loads such as electronic systems create hot and cold spots throughout homes. We install Ecojay zone systems which allow us to pars a building into smaller components, rearrange ducts allowing us to use motorized dampers to deliver air to zones when needed.

Duct Repair and Replacement

Unlike other companies, Bowman Mechanical Services prides ourselves with Energy Star Rated duct systems. We use primarily externally insulated duct to keep harmful fibers out of the air stream, check out healthy air tab. All systems are sealed and tested for less than 4% leakage. Our systems are balanced to provide just the right amount of air to all parts of your home.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Today’s homes are tighter and more energy efficient than ever. With this improvement in construction techniques, indoor air quality becomes an issue as indoor pollutants, VOCs and odors have no where to go. We provide all the necessary items for the healthiest most comfortable air for your home. Check out our Healthy Air page.

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